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Who trusts you?

Every time someone believes that you’ll do something, he
actually trusts you. He relies on you. He believes that you will
comply with all of your commitments.

If you fail to comply with your commitments, you lose that trust.
You put those who trusted in you in front of problems. You
jeopardized your success.

For example: you promise you good friend, Michal: “if you lend
me your truck, I’ll return it to you clean and full of fuel, on
Monday”. Michal agrees. But, if you return the truck on
Wednesday, while dirty and almost empty of fuel, Michal can’t
trust you anymore. She doesn’t want to be your friend anymore.

In order to succeed, you have to build your self as a trustworthy
and reliable person. This is the cornerstone to all your

Mutual trust is the needed foundation stone for stability than ”
any other component in relationships between people. Without it-
the whole structure crashes”.

Reliability is a necessity with great value. Those who have it
considered to be valuable. Those who lost it are considered to be
almost worthless”.

“The way to happiness”- L.R. Hubard

Seven ways to improve Reliability

1. Comply with all of your commitments.

For example: If you are a furniture manufacturer and you
promised to provide a new desk on Friday, make sure to
provide it on Friday. If you need to work at nights time in
order to build the desk- do it!

Another example: You agree to take your boss to the airport.
You arrange your time in the morning’ so you’ll have enough
time to pick him up. But your car doesn’t start. Instead of
calling your boss and tell him that your car is stuck, think
“outside of the box” and find an alternative solution to comply
with your commitment, and your boss will get to the airport on
time. Lend a car, rent a car- find a solution.

2. Comply with your minor commitments as if they
were major.

For example: Henry, the lower, promises to write you a
contract that will keep you clean of lawsuits. He said he’ll call
you the next morning to discuss it with you. But Henry forgets
to call for the next two days. You start wondering: “If Henry is
not a man of his word when it comes to making a simple call,
how is he expected to be accountable for writing a proper

3. Be careful of what you promise. Make accurate

For example: you know that you can finish writing three
reports tonight and maybe two more. Don’t say: “I’ll finish five
reports tonight”. Instead, say: “I’ll finish three reports tonight
and I hope to finish two more”. Before you sigh up a written
contract, browsed it carefully to make sure you can comply
with all that is written. For instance, you may say: “before I
sign it, I would like to change clause number 12 in order to get
another week, in case of a bad weather or something else”.

4. If you notice that you can’t comply with your
commitments, no matter what you’ll do – report it

Examples: “Shelly, I said that we’ll go out to dinner tomorrow
night, but I may have to cancel”.
The boss wants the wall painted until Sunday, but I may need
an extension until Wednesday”.
“If you’ll give me another day to work on your car, I’ll give you
5% discount for the delay”.

5. If you lost someone’s trust, don’t evade. Maintain
you reputation in every possible way and do what
ever it takes to regain it.

For example: you make a commitment to pay Sara 1000 $
until Monday. You forget it. On Tuesday night you notice that
you don’t have the 1000$ with you. Instead of evading Sara’
call her and say: “Sara, I’m really sorry that I didn’t pay you on
Monday. I should have called you. I’ll have the money by
Friday. I’ll hope that while I’ll pay you, I’ll regain your trust

6. If your reputation had been damaged by violations
of your commitments and reliability, repair the

For example: “Alex, I know I’ve let you down. I agreed to
repair your computer last month and I’ve forgot. I didn’t
call and I’m truly sorry about that. I want to repair your
computer for free, on my account, if you’ll let me”. Another
example: Michal, I can’t describe how sorry I am for not
returning your truck on time or with fuel. And even worse-
it was filthy. How can I make it up to you? Will you let me
clean it today afternoon? I would also like to change the
burned brakes light at the back, if you don’t mind?”

7. If you don’t trust someone, help him to regain your trust in

Example: “you want me to hire you back after the last bad
experience we had? The truth is I can’t trust you, but I’m
willing to think it over. If you’ll take this lesson, redo it and
gain 100 points by the end of the month, I’ll hire you back
for a trial period of a week. If you’ll let me down again, I will
never consider your application again. I’m willing to help
you only if you’ll prove that you’re trustworthy”.

The seven basic advantages of being trustworthy

1. You can make major commitments and no one will ever
doubt you.
2. You may find yourself advocators high in hierarchy or in
power positions.
3. People who trust you will recommend you to their friend.
Your cycle of exposure will grow.
4. Due to the fact they trust you, people will tell things that
they wouldn’t tell others.
5. If it turns up that you can’t comply one of your
commitments, you’ll be more excused.
6. People will tell you about new emerging opportunities.
7. Due to the fact you know I trustworthy you are, you feel
more proud of yourself and you have more self confident.


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