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What do you want to do when you’ll be a grown up?

We’ve all been asked what we want to do when we’ll be grown ups.
The answers vary, depending on the age, but almost everyone
wanted at one time or another, to be a firefighter or a doctor. Does
it mean that we have become one of these? Did it get us to our goal,
one way or another? The answer is: no.

A business owner sets his goal too: “this year I’ll grow, I’ll earn
more; I’ll move to a bigger office; I’ll be working less hard; I’ll be rich
and retire by the age of 40” and so forth.

How many people do you know that really ended up the way they
said they will?

The reasons for the deviation from the desired outcome stems from
two fundamental mistakes: the first is the lack of planning, and we’ll
talk about later. The second is basic and simple, and that is the
attention that is being focused on the wrong thing. Is the desire to
be a doctor is the right target of what i would like to do when I’ll
grow? Or maybe it’s the will to be a knowledgeable scholar and to
help others to improve their health?

I’ve never dreamed to be a consultant; that wasn’t my goal and I
didn’t plan it either, since I was a child. In some point in my life I’ve
studied business consulting as a part of my desire to improve the
business results of my company, which engaged in providing
services for lawyers. Later I felt empty from inside and a financial
target was no longer enough to fill the space within me, so I looked
deeply for something that will make me happy; I looked for “my
destination in life” as many people call it. I didn’t have to look so
much; the answer was already there: “I want to help others to
improve their lives”.

As a result of that understanding, I’ve been asking my self: what is
the ability that I possess or that is required from me in order to fulfill
my desire, and the answer came quickly: for I have a good
knowledge which works well in my business and works well for other
around the world, so why shouldn’t I use it?!

I didn’t grow up as a kid who has been saying: “when I’ll be grown
up, I want to handle businesses who want to be improved”. As a
matter of fact, as a kid, I’ve been always wanted to be an
archaeologist. Movies about the Mayan culture and the Pharaohs
always fascinated me in their mystery, but the reason I didn’t ended
up to being an archaeologist is due to one major difference: as a kid,
I defined “who I want to be” instead of “what I want to produce”. This mistake is being made by most managers, when they define  that in the year 2011 they want to grow in 30% or to increase the  How many times will you wake up in the morning, filled with energy, and will say to yourself: “keep on going…29% more and I win!” This could be happing one morning or two, a week or so, and then the  magic is gone and back to daily routine.

A workable plan to achieve a certain target has to be based on, first,
the result we want to create, and secondly, on the product we want
to provide or the benefit it brings to our clients. These two things
are the building blocks on which we will write a workable business
plan which leads to achieving the target and not just its declaration.
This kind of plan will be happily endorsed by your employees, your
partners and even your clients.

After you have figured out what is it that you want to produce (the
best chest of drawers in the country; an architectural design which
saves energy costs in the house; helping other to improve the
quality of their lives by spiritual tools), now sit down and write down
a set of steps which is planed backward: from the result you want to
achieve and the steps to achieve it. The planning of the way to get
that result is in fact called Strategic Planning; it derives from the
military world but it definitely defining the action in the best way, as
in war we don’t say “this time we’ll win”, but ” we’ll conquer target
X; we’ll hit the wall and thus achieve control the region”. Only then
the generals sit down and plan the moves that would decide the
war. In the same manner, a manger should sit down after he
determined what the result he wants to achieve is, and plan the
needed moves in order to do so.

A good general set partial targets, modes of action, schedules, “Plan
B”, required resources, accomplishments to be achieved in order to
progress to the next level and more.

A very good general is capable of making good planning, so even if
he loses the battle, he would still win the war.

A good manger is taking steps, defines an action plan, sets goals,
shares his way and goal with his teammates, carefully follows the
weekly progress of his employees and knows if he wins the battle
this week or needs to Realign to next week’s attack.

Unfortunately, most businesses lacks the fundamental things such
as team meetings or periodic statistics that measures the progress
of the employees regarding their defined targets, and that explains
why even those who have defined the “right thing” are rarely
getting it.

Strategic planning is a managerial work. Stop the fire fighting and
the pursuit after the tail – Stop! Define the outcome you want to
achieve as I described it and spent any amount of time which
required to plan the way to do this, I promise you that this will be
the most profitable investment of time for your business.

Finally, a personal tip: set your goals high, so you won’t find yourself
achieving a target which makes you feel mediocre, after all the
effort you’ve putted into it.

With love,
Elad Hadar, CEO
SUCCESS business consulting


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