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The vision as a map and as a business compass

By: Elli Levin

A lot of businesses to them I arrive do not understand why they
need vision, or their vision is defined as “making a lot of money”.
One of these cases was a garage which I started to work with six
months ago. From the first sight, the garage seemed like it was
functioning well; they’re doing the right marketing, the finances are
managed properly, the personnel is good; but yet, they didn’t
succeed to utilize the full potential of the business. After a thorough
analysis of the business, I realized that in this garage, everyone is
working for himself and there isn’t a common purpose; it was if
someone collected a group of good professional people, putted
between four walls but none of them understands what the overall
purpose, thus, every one of them took care for his job only. It’s like
taking a group of basketball players, telling them that they’re a
group and then everyone did what he wanted on the court, as if he
was playing alone. When I spoke with the garage owner I realized
that he himself didn’t know where the company his going and what
are its goals. His answer was: “making money”.

Think what would happen if you were asking me: “how do I get
to…?” and I would have answer: “there”, without pointing any
specific location; would it make anyone satisfied? Moreover, is there
any chance that we’ll get to the place I was referring to?
The answer probably will be “no”. If so, why while running a
business it seems fine to managers running it without a vision and
common goal? After all, the way of reaching that goal and fulfilling
the vision would be much shorter if all the workers and the
management where going to the same direction.

A vision- “a future and the ideal image of the organization which is
functioning at its best in order to fulfill its purpose”. What do we
want to be when “we’re older?”
Imagine a student who starts studying something before he decided
what he wants to do in life. After he finishes his studies, he realizes
that he wants to do something else; now he has to start studying all
over again. Things could have been easier if that student would
have decided first what he wants to do in life, and then he would
have picked to course of his studies. In order to decide they right
way of action for reaching a certain purpose, we must first decide
what the common vision is, for all participants in that activity. An
activity without any vision is a waste of time.

A vision is just the first step in a strategic planning and not an actual
implementation; it remains only as a dream. In order to implement a

vision, it has to be followed by an action. “Who ever has the ‘why’

(a thing worth living for) can bear almost any ‘how'” (Nietzsche).

To make a company’s vision be really worthwhile, it has to include a
“social mission”- the change that we’re about to generate”.
Companies that take on a social mission and combine it with their
vision is the most successful companies today. A classic example for
a social mission combined with a vision, we can see at the motorcar
company FORD- “I’m going to democratize the automobile; I will
built a motorcar for the great multitude… its price will be so low,
that any man with a good wage can buy himself a car and enjoy
along with his family from the blessings inherent in the delightful
recreation in the lord’s open and great spaces” (Henry Ford 1907).
A good vision includes the social mission and it comes above the
company’s profitability. The profitability is a necessary condition for
existence a mean to achieve more important goals but it’s not an
end in itself in most of the companies with a vision. The profitability
can be compared with oxygen, food, water and the blood in the
body: these are not the cause of life, but without it there’s no life.

The social mission of the Success Fitness Company is to increase
awareness of physical activity and leisure and to create an easy and
comfortable access to anyone who wants to engage it. The company
applies that by an effective and efficacy management of the fitness
and sports clubs industry business. The models that the Success
Fitness Company is conducting, where built by extensive experience
in the leisure and sport’s culture, and assisted by the rich
experience of Ran Tamari, a leading consultant in the fitness
industry, with more than 80 clients, who had many successes in
helping businesses in the fitness industry, as a consultant o as an
external manager who navigates the business activity. Moreover, in
addition to his experience as a fitness club manager in the past, and
as a consultant and a coacher in the present in the management
fields, to a crowed of thousands of people a year in Israel and
abroad, he combines it with the technology management of the
international Consulting Corporation WISE. In this way Success
Fitness Company provides tools for success to businesses both on
the managerial and professional levels.


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