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Success story- Dr. Lenkei Egészségkultúra

Result of Success consultation – Dr. Lenkei Egészségkultúra

Personal gains:

A the very beginning it was strange for me, that the consultations doesn’t have a predefined program. I mean I thought, that we will start with predefined steps: make a Facebook ad, collect the relevant stats for checking the effectiveness, make a landing page, check the conversion rate, etc. Instead of this the consultations were quite open, with the question in the air: What would you like to do?


Now, near the end of the consultations, I’m happy, that we started in this way. I’m happy, because I realised, that I have to find out the direction we want to move, and the campaigns we want to start. And I was „forced” to find out these campaigns based on our goals and possibilities. And now I’m full with ideas how to continue 🙂


And the second big gain for me is the knowledge I learnt. I constructed several landing pages, several Facebook ads and boosted posts. I became familiar with the mechanics of the campaigns, and I’m able to make one without any problem. And I’m aware of the critical text parts in my landing page, and I have ideas how to correct it, if the results (conversion rate) not good enough.


So I learnt a lot of practical things what I can use on my own in the future.


Business gains:

We have more than 4 000 new leads, and this within 1,5 months! We started to work on a previously unused field: we almost never collected identities on the web this far.

There were a lot of task, what we just kept postponed again and again. For example to work with a professional newsletter making/sending program. We had to decide on the program, and I began to test it already.

I foud a virtual chat assistant to our webshop, which is a very useful tool too.

And I can teach my colleagues what I learnt 🙂


So I recommend Success to those people, who want to learn and understand the way how Facebook marketing/PR works. And for those too, who want to learn the secret of collecting identities effectively on landing pages. And you don’t need this consultation for forever to keep these things working. You will learn how to manage this by yourself.


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