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Success Stories – Milana Beauty Salon

Success Story – Milana Beauty Salon

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 21:36

It all started when I was invited to Lisa’s marketing workshop by Success Beauty. At that time I was consulting with another company and we were “stuck” on the marketing issue. The consultant told me that “it’s a pity to go and I would be wasting my time – and wouldn’t hear anything new ”
I persisted anyway, and the very first meeting I realized that all the marketing I had been doing for three years was a mistake.
I finished a course and then immediately requested Success to provide business consultancy.
After four months of counseling I doubled my turnover, my customer base has increased and I’m looking for an additional assistant.

I have just started and I know I’ve only implemented 10% of the advice I have been given.

My greatest success is that I started to taking days off, and my revenue increased – who would believe!

In addition I began studying at the Hubbard College which helped me understand that, apart from work, I also have a private life and I should enjoy myself!

Thank you to the Success staff – Lisa, Adva, Roy and Johnny my consultants.

Milana Beauty Salon”

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