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Success Stories – Maslulim

Success Story – Maslulim Company

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 17:16

Maslulim is a company for training & advanced driving.

Recently we bought a new car “Megan turbo” to provide driving lessons.

We were looking for a way to inform customers that we had purchased the car and to increase the interest to test drive it.

After a long contemplation Elad had an idea!

As we needed videos for the car marketing campaign he suggested that whoever buys training on the car and allows us to photograph him training will receive the photos as a gift.

Elad launched a campaign through our mailing list and within 4 hours we had 400 inquiries! This generated an income of 33,000 within the first 24 hours!!??

Not to mention the buzz created after 24 hours, and further.

It is a pleasure working with you, thank you!

Ron Hakim, CEO





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