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Success Stories – Itzik Justo

Success Story Justo

My name is Itzik Justo and I am the manager and an authorized Mazda and Ford dealer.

My garage is one of the largest in the central area. I have provide service diagnostics and paint work for the last 35 years. The garage employs 40 excellent workers.

I decided to use consultancy in order to increase my revenue from private customers.

Beforehand, 80% of my customers were corporate and 20% were private customers.

In the process we performed training for the receptionists to improve serviceability.

We printed marketing products and launched a campaign for our private customers. The campaign included signs posters, and advertisements with gift vouchers.

The campaign was in consultation with Ramy Aksman who accompanied us in the process.

The campaign ran for 3 months. The results where amazing and during the campaign over 700 customers joined as new customers, there was an income increase of 65% during the campaign period and our  income from private customers increased from 20% to 46%, and improvement in our profit.

These results prove that the cooperation between Justo and Success is leading to our business success. I am in this consultancy process for the last 8 months there is a lot to do, nevertheless, the direction is beneficial for me and my garage.


Itzik Justo

Manager Justo Car Services

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