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Success Stories – Eti Wolfe

A success story – Eti

Sunday, November 7, 2010 15:13

For the attention of Success

Mr. Elad Hadar

I attended a seminar in October. A week later I was consulting with you, and immediately with your help I issued my first Newsletter. Following that I was immediately caught up in the excitement (I suppose) like at the stock exchange. The two of us watching statistics of customers who had already opened their emails, who transferred it to the company, who opened it twice, who erased me from the mailing list, who responded to the email and requested an offer. Two days later eight customers requested treatments, 4 of them had already paid 20,000 ₪. The following days more customers came receiving a further  7,000 ₪. I must point out that many have not opened their mail until now. This is amazing, and very exciting. But the truth is … that I am most satisfied to have another tool to help me to contact my customers, implement marketing in a cost effective way, no stamps, no graphics, saving time, time, time…. and the cost of the membership? … I gave up a cup of coffee per month and paid for my website – just wow!

I know I sound passionate, what I shall do, it’s me. Always excited and jumping about to discover new options and learn new things.

Thank you very much!

Eti Wolfe, a clinical esthetician beautician 07/11/2010

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