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Staff Meetings – Truth or Dare?

There is no business owner who hasn’t heard the term

staff meeting or any of its variants. A staff meeting is actually the first

marketing action of any business. And what is meant by that?

A staff meeting is not a waste of time like many manager think. I met quite a bit who started and then ceased doing staff meetings claiming they were pointless, and they

were right. Staff meetings in which staff members only drink soft drinks and eat

pastries are worthless. Meetings dealing with company problems but mostly

blaming the management are worthless as well. So, what is the point in having

those staff meetings? Well, let’s see how staff meetings. should NOT be done:
1. One weekly meeting is mandatory, same day, same time. Why mandatory?

Because in this case, all things which are temporary very soon become insignificant, putting it on the fast lane of disappearing from the business map. Staff meetings

are work, not a nuisance.

2. Even if a business has only two workers who communicate all day long,

a meeting is still necessary. This should be a meeting in which all business

issues are discussed in an orderly fashion, and its contents can be documented.

Data from the past week are shown, problems are resolved together, targets and objectives are set for each post, and then data from the last week or last month

can be monitored by statistics. Now there is a point of reference by which staff

member and business statuses can be sorted out – going up, going down, or level

– and situations handled accordingly.
3. When the business is growing with an attendant increase in the number of employees, the  nature of the meeting can change. There can be two meeting: the first is an executive
meeting on a specified day and time, in which the strategy to be presented at the general
staff meeting is crystallized, and the second is a regular weekly meeting for the general
staff, which is intended to update the staff members and show them products and the
.status of the entire organization, even if the business has 100 employees
If the business is not doing well and some staff members are not aware to this, they better 4. be aware and become familiar with their new targets and reasons for them.

Better still is to have them set their own targets before the other staff members and executives – that is the strongest validation there is, it becomes known to one and all, and “Let’s get to work!” On the other hand, if the organization is growing and

prosperous and improving and in good condition, it is advisable that the rest of the workers in the organization will hear about it. It will encourage them and lift raise

their morale, and in turn will increase the personal production of every one of them.

Is there is a greater pleasure then knowing you are working in a prosperous and flourishing business? It will only help and benefit the.worker both in the short and the long run.

Now it is quite obvious why staff meetings are the first marketing action. If your staff members receive firsthand data about the business and its organization,

successes and failures, targets and objectives, and they are loyal and productive

– the will push business forward together with the executives and sell the products

or services will full certainty, because they are well familiar with the data and see the broad picture, not only their departmental or personal picture. So therefore, ample energy flows out to get in return a lot of. good energy in terms of sales, reputation,

and business successes.
Also, staff meetings have a consolidating aspect. New employees step out at once from the shades of anonymity, and receive promotion and motivating incentives in the presence of the whole staff. They may be awarded personal commendation and certificates of merit every other week or month in front of everybody. It is also a

good opportunity for general announcements about weddings, births, birthdays

or any other announcements that mightinterest the workers, which makes for a better, consolidated atmosphere at the company. offices or the entire organization.

It is very advisable to avoid unpleasant, enturbulative or negative issues in such meetings. The purpose is to consolidate the staff members, raise their spirit

in general, and mainly to. motivate them for higher production and making the set targets and objectives.
So, if you don’t hold staff meetings in your business yet, it’s time to open your diary

and make one. With a predefined meeting schedule, the staff meeting will take an

hour at the most, preferably at the beginning or end of the day, thus allowing for minimum interruption to working hours and maximum response to clients. All employees should attend the meeting, from the secretary to the CEO.

Attendance should be defined as mandatory, and any absence. must be approved beforehand by a senior executive or the chairman of the meeting The staff weekly is highly recommended for putting order, stability and motivation with the.

employees and executives as one

,Good luck
Elad Hadar, CEO

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