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Spending Money

Do you really need to spend money on marketing?

It was about a year ago, I received an e-mail sent to me by broad distribution and this e-mail was promoting that the “Stig” company was looking for more projects.

“Stig” specialized in tarring roofs to protect homes from the oncoming rain. I knew the company and much more important, I knew their customer service was not good (I will avoid using the word horrible).

I was one of the people listed in the company’s broad distribution list and something in that specific e-mail got my attention more than usual. The mail was sent to me via Outlook by the secretary who probably forgot, or simply didn’t know, that its advisable to send this type of message as a protected copy (bbc).  What happened was that all the e-mail addresses on their customer list were exposed.

If you think that the problem is the fact that now everyone could steal their customers list you are wrong – not even 10 minutes went by and exactly what I thought would happen did. One of the customers clicked “reply all” and wrote in a very large font: “Watch out for this company, they are cons and doing a shitty job!!! They took my money and didn’t even finish the job. Its winter time and my roof is still leaking.”

Everyone on that list, including me of course, received that e-mail. I was embarrassed on behalf of business owner. I have no connection to him and, gladly for me, I have never consulted him before.

Not even one more minute passed by and another lady responded: “Your words are solid as a rock, this company worked on our shared house, they took the money and from that moment on they didn’t answer our phone calls and there are still parts of the roof that aren’t done!”

Seven minutes passed by and after several similar responses I received an email that said: “Hello everyone, my name is Tina Jones (fabricated) and I’m a reporter for the New York Times.  As I understand this we are dealing here with a bunch of crooks and I will be more than happy to gather all of your complaints regarding this company.”

A month later the company gained a shameful report on prime time TV. All this happened because of an innocent mistake by a secretary who basically passed on the power of the business straight into the customer’s hands. Combine that with a bad product and even worse customer service and you end up with a company that was “wiped out” in less than a month.

First and foremost remember: It does not matter how much money you spend on marketing, the most important thing is that your product has to be valuable to the customers who have purchased it.

Second: Make sure you do not leave unsatisfied customers behind.

Third and this is the moral lesson: A customer that does not know your company will treat the first information they hear about you as “the true information”. This is your job – you have to build a positive business image for your existing and potential customers.

I am certain you have in your business many success stories and satisfied customers. The question is: what do you do with them? If, like many business owners that I meet, you are constantly being modest about it, know that you are making a mistake!

You and only you are in charge of your business image. Don’t be shy about asking your customers to write “success stories”. Some of the readers call them “proofs” or “testimonials”. After you receive them be proud of them, upload them to your website, send them in your company newsletter, hang them on your business walls and of course upload them to Facebook.

So, to make a long story short, you can to create your own revolution, a positive revolution that will make your customers happy that they chose your company, one that will make potential customers run and purchase whatever it is you are selling.

Anyone can create a revolution and the world shows us this fact every single day, what are you waiting for? Run and create the revolution your business needs.


Elad Hadar

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