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Seminars Feedbacks

“This Seminar has been terrific and for me it has been actually kind of an OT agreement. I was already working on a website for selling basic books but I was lacking actually the terminals and lines for really sell the books and make the transactions so when I received the new of the seminar, I was quite surprised and now I have gotten all these incredible data! This is OT!”

Hugo, FSM in Spain – Sevilla

“This seminar was amazing!!! And UNDERSTANDABLE

I got a good review about the Net tools which I can use. I liked this seminar because it was simple, and it was a proper gradient for me but meanwhile it gave me enough data to start. Thanks a lot!”

PCS Malmo

“It is amazing how we can use Internet Marketing. So many tools, it is very exciting. I will use them to sell books and disseminate in my own business as well. COOL! Thank you very much. “

ARC Stefan.

“The Seminar given by Mr Hadar was extremely valuable. Many wonderful ideas from a very skilled and uptone professional. Thanks to NEPI , Hadar and LRH.”

Jens Mortensen, DK

“I have the idea that the time has come where it is much easier to disseminate. The seminar and the time I was at New Era were very theta-full and dynamic. Every minute was exciting. The data about the internet are applicable. I have a way how to do it and this is part of the beginning of a new era of book selling. The seminar and the rooms of NEP motivated me additionally. I’m happy that I took the decision to come to NEP after I heard about it. I thank all the people who organized this seminar.  I got totally new viewpoints. The game of the book selling and to get a status for it is great.”

Ina from German

    “I love the drive I can see in New Era to really tackle the problem of global dissemination by combining all efforts of orgs, groups and individuals for the common goal of getting the books in the hands of all publics in addition to getting them in the wog bookstores and publishers, the org FSMs.”

Raymond Leunis, Brussels

    “I got revitalized as a bookseller. The patterns and basic book sales is so much more simple and clear now to me. I feel rich in tech and conceptual understanding of book sales. I feel more exterior to the scene on planet earth and have much more self-confidence and stable data to sell more books. I look forward to get into production this week and apply the new data.”

Poul Seedorf  FSM DK Org

    “Wow!  It was short and to the point!  I have learned a lot and I saw that I am making good progress in selling books because we do a lot of drilling in the org in regards to 8C, Tone 40, hard sell, ARC etc. and flattening it on the book stand and getting my confront up. Very nice seminar. EVERYONE is an FSM! Thank you.”


    “A very good seminar with competent presentation. This seminar is motivating from the first moment until the last minute. One is leaving the place with a useful tool in the luggage. One only has to use it now!

    I am looking forward to the next book stand! Correctly applied, those tools can do nothing but bring an immediate and a long term success.”

    FSM Munich

    “I like this seminar very much. The practical part gave me the key to confront people and reach them directly. Every data that was taken up were really interesting. The speaker was full of energy and has a lot of experience and knowledge of LRH data on street selling. I have a lot more tools now to help people. I lost my considerations about selling and I will be able to help a lot more people in the future by selling them a book.”

Luis Fernando Acevedo  FSM Valencia

    “I was very happy to find how to handle the close, so it becomes the persons own decision. This was new data for me. It’s a great pleasure to hear how smoothly Peddio handles the comm cycle. Also how to handle the guy who knows it all, it is very useful information. Also how to get the person to laugh in the beginning. All this was great information.”

    MLV, Mimi Holm, PES DKF

    “I have now much more tools for the street-test and also for the bookstand. I have better understanding and a broader concept. I will apply this information; with this data I will have more production. Thank you very much for your support.”

Diane Wiemer

    “My main win on this seminar was the sense of confidence it instilled on me that I could and should penetrate more directly. I liked how we got the time to drill every separate step of the sales patter.”

Hugo Spanish FSM

    “It was fun to go and drill doing the stress test because I’ve only been told quickly how to do it without drilling. I really liked the fact that I got some good drilling. I also got the cognition that I just need to be honest and explain what I want to have happened to that person, my reality and why this is important to me to have him buy the books. Not because it is a book! Cool.”

ARC, Vincent Rye

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