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“Success consulting group” specialized in training programs for employees and managers alike.

Vary contents in these programs varied and cover every department in a company, from Marketing department, Sales, finance, collections, administration, production floor, etc.

All “Success” seminars build so that the material will be transfer effectively and will be practice from the start.

The seminar advisor accompanying the crowd as he gets used to the material and that is how you can get a team improving their capability from the same day they started the seminar.

Each seminar made exactly for the dimensions of the customer both in terms of time, content, audience and budget.

The seminars range is broad and includes seminars that will fit exactly for specific issues and seminars with different subjects such as:

1. Sales
a. Three rules for successful client communication.
b. How to realize full potential from every session?
c. Sales world Foundations.

2. Marketing and Advertising
a. Route for certain sale for every customer.
b. Where is the business gold mine and how to use it?
c. Basic principles in promoting.

3. Human resources, recruitment and classification.
a. How to evaluate new workers abilities in 10 seconds?
b. How to find the perfect employee?
c. How to identify an employee that will come to work for you and also stay?

4. Personnel management and placement
a. Must tools for a manager in order to manage human resources.

b. The safest way to collect a new employee.
c. How to get immediate output from a new employee?

5. How to build an organization
a. 7 sections that without them no organization will last.
b. Why your organization doesn’t give 100% output?
c. How to build an organization \ business \ Company?

6. Company workflow Optimization
a. Actions performed unconsciously by the workers that prohibited the organization success.
b. How to make decisions without any mistakes?
c. Flow = income, tools for immediate flow improvement.

7. Over loaded manager Treatment
a. What does a manager have to do?
b. How to be the manager and not an employee in your own business?
c. Why do good managers have free time on their hands?

8. Financial management and budgeting
a. How to make your business grow without an outside funding?
b. How to know exactly how much money you should spend and where?
c. where the hell the money goes?

9. Strategic Planning
a. How to lose the battle but win the war?
B. Why some managers always run their own tail?
c. How to build a steps system?

10. Increasing staff efficiency
a. How to increase the organization’s productivity by 66%?
b. How to encourage staff productivity?
c. Staff meetings, what to do with it and what are the benefits?

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