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Marketing With Results – The New Generation

If you think that newspaper ads or “flyers” are common forms of advertising you must have been asleep for the last decade in a cave. If you think that Google is the best place to get customers then you’ve only been asleep for the last five years. There is a new generation of marketing tools and only a few are familiar enough with them to produce any real results. These few who know either charge a you lot of money or keep it to themselves.

Let me simplify the whole article into one line: “The purpose is to create a potential customer list!” Potential customers don’t even need to be a new customer; they can be a customer that purchased an item five years ago or a customer that had previously shown interest in another service or product and who eventually didn’t purchase.

There are a few ways to execute this modern marketing concept and I’m going to help you by bringing some order out of the chaos:

Facebook – A common mistake is trying to sell a product or a service through Facebook – this is a talking arena and not a selling arena. Its only purpose is to use it as a fruitful source for collecting a friends list and as a viral marketing tool (marketing that spreads from one to another like a virus). If you want to make a more intelligent use out of Facebook, open a registration tab on your company fan page and connect it to your external mailing list. The registration tab would allow customers to enter their name and email address. For example: you can offer people your on online newsletter or get them to join a free online video course – “Marketing with Results”. It’s a simple idea. Encourage people to sign up for something they would consider valuable – a coupon, a free gift, tips from an expert, etc. You’re not selling them something, you’re giving them something of value in exchange for their email address.

This marketing method is called a marketing funnel. You generate interest in the customer with a message or a free service, the customer rewards you by giving you his personal information and that’s how you raise your relationship to the next level. Now you can move into a more personal media and that is…..

E-mail marketing – Marketing through e-mails is one of the hottest topics in marketing. People tend not to appreciate this tool because they don’t understand how to get the most out of it.

From the moment you’ve gathered the customer’s information you can build a gradual relationship. I am emphasizing gradual because many times I see businesses overwhelm their customers with endless advertising about their services causing the customer to reacte adversely by removing himself from the mailing list. The right way to do it is to invest in building the bond exactly like any other relationship. Its recommended that you start by sending, on average, three to four non-marketing messages before you try to promote anything. These should be valuable messages your customer will want to save.

After you have established your bond with the customer you can keep on flowing in the marketing funnel. You can send an invitation for a free personal meeting or offer a service at a special price; the idea is to invest in the customer in order to build a long-term relationship.

Does it sound long and exhausting? You’re right and that is exactly why nowadays there are advanced tools in this field to make it easy. The first one is called: “series of messages” and the second: “global fields”. Together they will give you the resources of an army in one man.

“Series of messages” is an automatic series of permanent messages that has been defined in advance. For example, 10 permanent messages for an “online marketing course”. The minute someone sign into the series they instantly get a thank you letter attached with a link for the first video and a message telling them that each week they will receive another video. Exactly one week later they get another video which will say: “Dear Eric, last week I sent you the first message in the series “how to build a marketing funnel”, today I am sending you the second video in the series “marketing with results”, … Enjoy, Elad”. Features of the technology allow you to implant the whole content at one time automatically. No one has to change the name of the customer and resend it each time from the beginning. All you do is define the field [[firstname]] and the program knows that it has to implant the customer’s first name in that field. Other “global fields” could also be populated automatically. In this example the name of each new video could be implanted.

The most beautiful thing about this is that if I signed in a month ago and you signed in today we both get a message today, only you’ll get the first video and I’ll be getting the fourth and it’s all automatic. You define what needs to be done one time.

The “series of messages” can serve us for years, yes years!!!

You can create a registration page on Facebook, your website or any other place where you can attract people to sign in. This is how you build yourself an automated marketing tool using today’s latest technology.

This application is useful for any industry and so far we have eveything from dog trainers to architects who use it. It’s an easy, efficient and cost effective way to keep in touch and market to your new or exciting audiences. This subject is broad and this page is too short to tell you everything. I promise to write more on this subject in the future.


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