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Our sales were down in the beginning of this year and we didn’t have proper knowledge how to promote to our existing clients using internet marketing. I have earlier looked for suppliers in the field of internet marketing but found only bits and pieces of competence to get. It could be Webpages, Search Engine Optimization, E-mail programs or Social Media but no one supplier here in Sweden seem to grasp the whole picture of how to work this all together and thereby GET MEASURABLE RESULTS!

We recently started to get consulting from Elad’s Success Group in Israel. We have a fantastic consultant from Success, Racheli, working with us and we are really getting help with overall, coordinated methods of how to promote on internet that really get results. It is called Synergy Marketing and the Success Group really knows their business!

In just a few weeks of consulting our sales statistics started to move again and in just a matter of 5 WORKDAYS we got direct orders in from our existing clients adding up to normal sales for 5 WEEKS! This is just for the consulting regarding existing clients and we haven´t really started with the new business part of our program yet!

And a surprisingly new experience and bonus was that all these orders flowing in was just simple plain orders without we having to do any sales except giving the pricing and conditions. It was just SO EASY and a REAL PLEASURE! The clients were so eager to buy like they wanted to buy ice cream in the summer!

Many thanks to Success Consulting Group in Israel and my personal consultant!

Your stuff really WORKS!!!

All the best,

Kurt Ståhl


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