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How ABLE Int. increased campaign responses by x13?

How ABLE Increased Response X13 Times?

ABLE international is the association for better living and education working
relentlessly to improve the lives of the planet population by helping
individuals and groups though many diverse activities.

ABLE Int. Executive Director sent 2 of her top executives to a two days on-line
marketing seminar delivered by Success International together with Success LA.

After being introduced with principles of how to design a robust marketing strategy
while utilizing the newest on-line tools and how to combine them with off-line
marketing, it became obvious that next step is to introduce more of ABLE staff
and its subordinate activities with these marketing strategies to improve

before and after campaign responses

before and after responses

A Two Days Advanced Marketing Seminar Delivery

So Elad Hadar and Ofer Plaut were invited to deliver a 2 days seminar, organized by ABLE
Int and was hosted at The Way To Happiness
Foundation Int
in Glandale, US in Sep 2014. About 40 executives,
marketing managers and activists were introduced by Elad and Ofer to what one of
the attendants described as “LRH tools in 2014 version using all social media
and internet”. As the group included representatives from TWTH, Narconon,
Criminon, Applied Scholastic and volunteers who support and help these
activities in the field, the broad reach to and by the public can be improved.


Commendation by ABLE Int for Elad Hadar and Ofer Plaut for the service and help delivered

Building Trust

Elad Hadar introduced the marketing techniques and methodologies of how to layout
your products or services in a gradual way to first built communication and
trust with your desired community. Then how to continue and leverage social
media for simple and effective public relations to groove in the lines with the
desired community and eventually how to do it all in a personalized way to keep
the personal touch. Numerous examples and guidance enabled the audience to
instantly apply some of the tools and report on results even before the seminar

Open Communication With Your Public Using Surveys

Ofer Plaut presented a few techniques to work with powerful tools to deliver an
on-line surveys and gave some insights and successful actions of how to improve
communication and response with the audience as well as how to engage and
collect identities.

One of examples for applying these techniques is the success story demonstrated by TWTH
Fndn Int ED, Joni Ginsberg. Ginsberg told the audience about the project done
together with Ofer Plaut from Success International, for 3 weeks prior to the seminar which
resulted in increase of x13 times in response rated from the public. While usual
marketing campaign yielded 35 responses max, the campaign we optimized with a
personalized message asking for people help to improve services and products,
resulted in 380 fully answered on-line 5 open-questions survey, and additional
80 emails from tens of people from countries around the world.

Now analyzing these 460 responses, enable to design new focused campaigns to handle
the specific issues asked by people.

The open rate increased x5 times since we applied these changes to all mailings.

The next project is reorganizing the website by services and products to help the
different audiences and streamline the delivery of these products and services.


Participants in the on-line marketing seminar at TWTH Fndn Int.


Elad Hadar speaks at the ABLE on-line marketing seminar


Ofer Plaut speaks at the ABLE on-line marketing seminar

Success Stories

“I have an MBA in Marketing, M.S. in Advanced
Management studies and Director of Promotion and Marketing (DPM) full
hat and very active on social media. Of all the online marketing seminars I
have attended, this is the best seminar. I learned many things, it was
beautifully laid out balancing significance, mass and doingness. It was an
awesome gradient.” – A. Raann. Applied Scholastic.

“Pretty much everything covered today is applicable. To start I will be
focusing on re-tooling my website to collect identities. Next I will be
overhawling my Div6 emails and seriously boost the open rates. Then I will
be developming automated marketing series for each of the life cycles of
customers, across each of the 4 brands I work with.” – M. Veenker, ABLE Int.

“I loved gettting the data because it made me look at the what I have to do
to Market Criminon. Great data and nicely presented” – B. Kalerais, Criminon

“Great data to use to stay in comm with people interested in CCHR or TWTH.
How to create an email list. How to promote to these people. The categories
of people. To send them different messages.” – C. Bock CCHR.

“I have attended other seminars on social online marketing. I found I was
unable to apply what was presented because the other seminar did not make
things simple & an easy flow line. This marketing seminar was sensational!
Everything presented in applied immediately with drills so I feel I can use
this information to improve several businesses I work with including my own
endeavors. Thank you so much!” – M. Mara

“The information presented in this seminar will allow me to build a large
mailing list use social media, then systematically deliver value to that
list. Creating a viable business model that utilizes the automation of
computers & Internet with the personalization to create ARC + a loyal
customer.” – L. Miller

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