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Your advertising isn’t getting results? Let’s find out why!

In a world where people are exposed to thousands of advertising messages every day, there is no doubt that your business has to be visible and interesting to attract attention! After all, you can’t rely on word of mouth as your only leverage to success.

Advertising is a must! – The only thing is: Why does it cost so much and so often fall short of the the result you want?

Whether it is expensive or cheap, advertising is basically a measure of result and not a measure of cost. If I say to a business owner, every week you should invest $100 on advertising he wouldn’t freak out about the price, but if two weeks passed by and he didn’t get any results this $100 will seem like an unnecessary expense. On the other hand, if I tell him that for a $10,000 investment I can guarantee he will see growth of $100,000 in his business, he would not hesitate spending this amount every week!

Each and every one of us has been promised many promises and we have all experienced many disappointments when asked to believe:” Here it is, right here, the new goldmine that will generate a flood of new customers”.

So what have we learned so far? Price has no meaning and the most important thing is the result. The main problem that leads to a lack of results is always a wrong action. For example, if I’m baking a cake and the cake comes out sour or it didn’t properly rise, then clearly the problem isn’t with the cake, but in the one who tried to make it. For some reason I always notice business owners blaming the advertising for the lack of results instead of just checking what they could do to get the results they desire.

The most common mistake in advertising is the absence of a marketing strategy. There isn’t such a thing as an irreplaceable business and there isn’t a product that you won’t be able to get from your competitors. The internet broke the rules of the game. Everyone can access any information they need and there’s plenty of search engines to direct you to price comparison website. Consumers have become apathetic to all of the sales and promotional campaigns. Nowadays, you can see in almost every display window a 50% off or buy 1 get 1 free sale.

Your marketing strategy must come first. Then your advertising can define how your business and your services are different than your competitors, something much more appealing than better prices, tempting sales, etc.

In marketing strategy you need to focus on a few things:

1. Different ideas – A great way to achieve results in advertising is to come up with a different idea for your product or even a different way to present it. For example: a kindergarden that offers services which include a commitment that at the end of everyday your child will be waiting for you after a bath and wearing clean clothes would gain a huge advantage over the rest of the kindergardens.

Let’s look at another example: A few years ago in England you would see fast food stores selling Arabic hummus on every corner using names like: the hummus king, champion hummus, etc. That didn’t create a long line of customers at the entrance and the prices were meaningless. You never saw people traveling across town for a particular hummus, but what did cause many people to travel and stand in line was this small shop that came up with the same product (hummus), only a different concept. They had a variety of hummus flavors (hummus with sun dried tomatoes, hummus with mushrooms, hummus with ground beef, etc.) A few months later they opened further branches all over England. The only thing they did was to make hummus a bit more interesting by adding all kinds of flavors and that was something others didn’t think of!

2. Different packaging – Think about it, veggies in a bag that contain a small packet of honey mustard dressing or vinaigrette dressing is a different product than the rest. The cost to produce this difference is minor and the customer automatically would choose the bag with the dressing. The battle has been won and the bag with the dressing doesn’t even have to be cheaper, it will still sell better because it provides a whole different product.

A personal trainer that provides coaching is basically packaging his product in a different way. A dietitian that offers 24/7 support in case you feel like eating pizza when you are on a diet is offering a unique service.

3. Different target audience – This is the most important section. Don’t target your potential clients as anyone who owns a wallet. Look for the neglected audience in your area and approach them. Don’t run with the herd because that’s the way to be run over by them. Find the target audience that has been overlooked and quickly you will be one of the leaders in your field for that particular segment of market.

Important remark: Make sure you are always generating new ideas and don’t forget you have copycats all over!

Good luck,

Elad Hadar

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